pinky promise me?
pinky promise me?
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i only use sterling silver, stainless steel, or 14k gold findings in my work. i make sure to keep everything hypoallergenic and tarnish-free to my best ability, with the exception of brass or certain vintage pieces. the wire i use is tarnish-free copper wire. 


pieces made with 100% stainless steel (meaning no materials besides stainless steel are used), they can typically be worn in water with no issues. many of my more intricate pieces are on the fragile side and i do not advise wearing them in the shower/pool etc, especially those with watch faces or brass components as water will be very harmful to the working hardware or material. my pieces i make are all my babies so please take care of them <3

broken jewelry

unfortunately i do not offer free repairs anymore but if you send me a photo of your broken jewelry and your order number on instagram (@_psychicattack) i will send you store credit equal to the price of the piece.

return policy

if you would like to return an item of jewelry, please shoot me a DM on Instagram (@_psychicattack) stating your ORDER NUMBER and reason for return, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with further information. you may return an item within 30 days of purchase.


the vast majority of pieces i make are either one of one or two of one, meaning there is only one or two of them that exists in this world. this makes my art very unique to match the individuality of those who choose to purchase my work. i am also a student and an Asian non-binary & queer individual so i appreciate each and every purchase that comes to support me and not a massive corporation that only exists to benefit capital and the ruling class <3